Our value

Recently with the spread of the sober curious movement, we are seeing more bars, restaurants and services offering a variety of non-alcoholic beverages. However, we still feel that there is space for non-alcoholic beverages that are better-suited for people who want to pair with a good meal. It can often be too sugary or sweet. It can be healthy but not so tasty. We believe that there are better alternatives. And above all, it can maybe close the “gap” between those who drink and those who do not. Sober Experience Studio is an open innovation project that seeks to contribute to new movements in the food and beverage industry by exploring new technologies for non-alcoholic beverages with rich flavors based on botanical ingredients. We value diversity, sustainability and cultural transformation and will continue to work with various collaborators who share the same values.




Diversity & Inclusion


Open collaboration

In order to create a new food culture, Sober Experience Studio believes that it is important to have an ecosystem of partners.We will pursue to update the food culture through trial and error with the wide variety of players including companies, entrepreneurs, researchers, creators.



Please contact Sober Experience Studio through our online contact form with any questions or collaboration inquiries.